Biology MCQ on Energy and Nutrition

Biology MCQ on Energy and Nutrition

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1. Energy possessing foods are

(a) Carbohydrates and fats

(b) Proteins and mineral salts

(c) Vitamins and minerals

(d) Water and roughage

Answer (a) Carbohydrates and fats

2. The mode of nutrition an organism de-rives its food from the body of another living organism without any harm is

(a) Saprotrophic nutrition

(b) Parasitic nutrition

(c) Holozoic nutrition

(d) Autotrophic nutrition

Answer (b) Parasitic nutrition

3. The mode of nutrition possessing by fungi is:

(a) Parasitic nutrition

(b) Holozoic nutrition

(c) Autotrophic nutrition

(d) Saprotrophic nutrition

Answer (d) Saprotrophic nutrition

4. Plant absorbs water from the soil through the process of:

(a) Diffusion

(b) Transpiration

(c) Osmosis

(d) None of these

Answer (c) Osmosis

5.  Photosynthesis site of a leaf is

(a) Chloroplast

(b) Mitochondria

(c) Cytoplasm

(d) Protoplasm

Answer (a) Chloroplast

6. In amoeba, digest its food in the:

(a) Food vacuole

(b) Mitochondria

(c) Pseudopodia

(d) Chloroplast

Answer (a) Food vacuole

7. The region of alimentary canal absorbs the digested food is

(a) Stomach

(b) Small intestine

(c) Large intestine

(d) Liver

Answer (b) Small intestine

8. The contraction and expansion movement of the walls of the food pipe is known as

(a) Translocation

(b) Transpiration

(c) Peristaltic movement

(d) Digestion

Answer (c) Peristaltic movement

9. The solution turns blue- black in colour by adding few drops of iodine in rice water. This indicates that rice water contains:

(a) Fats

(b) Complex proteins

(c) Starch

(d) Simple proteins

Answer (c) Starch

10. The unabsorbed food material is  exit by

(a) Liver

(b) Anus

(c) Small intestine

(d) Anal sphincter

Answer (d) Anal sphincter

11. Anaerobic respiration in plants results

(a) Lactic acid + Energy

(b) Carbon dioxide + Water + Energy

(c) Ethanol + Carbon dioxide + Energy

(d) Pyruvate

Answer (c) Ethanol + Carbon dioxide + Energy

12 The breakdown of pyruvate occurs at

(a) Cytoplasm

(b) Mitochondria

(c) Chloroplast

(d) Nucleus

Answer (b) Mitochondria

13 Glycolysis occurs in

(a) Cytoplasm

(b) Nucleus

(c) Mitochondria

(d) Chloroplast

Answer (a) Cytoplasm

14. Rhe substances whose build up in the muscles during vigorous physical exercise may cause cramps are

(a) Ethanol + Carbon dioxide + Energy

(b) Lactic acid + Energy

(c) Carbon dioxide + Water + Energy

(d) Pyruvate

Answer (b) Lactic acid + Energy

15. The respiratory pigment found in human beings is:

(a) Carotene

(b) Chlorophyll

(c) Haemoglobin

(d) Mitochondria

Answer (c) Haemoglobin

16. Which one involve in transports water and min-erals from the roots to the leaf?

(a) Xylem

(b) Phloem

(c) Parenchyma

(d) Collenchyma

Answer (a) Xylem

17. The food movement in phloem is

(a) Transpiration

(b) Translocation

(c) Respiration

(d) Evaporation

Answer (b) Translocation

18. Pumping the blood from the heart to the entire body is though

(a) artery

(b) Capillary

(c) Vein

(d) Haemoglobin

Answer (a) artery

19. Which one is a circulatory fluid

(a) Platelets

(b) RBC

(c) Lymph

(d) Plasma

Answer (c) Lymph

20. Single circulation is exhibited by which of the following:

(a) Hyla, Rana, Draco

(b) Whale, dolphin, turtle

(c) labeo, chameleon, salamander

(d) Hippocampus, exocoetus, anabas

Answer (d) Hippocampus, exocoetus, anabas

21.  Kidneys connect to the urinary bladder through

(a) Urethra

(b) Nephron

(c) Tubule

(d) Ureter

Answer (d) Ureter

22. The part of nephron that allows the selective reabsorption of useful substances like glucose, amino acids, salts and water into the blood capillaries is

(a) Tubule

(b) Glomerulus

(c) Bowman’s capsule

(d) Ureter

Answer (a) Tubule

23. The dirty blood filtered out in our body at

(a) Heart

(b) Lungs

(c) Ureter

(d) Kidneys

Answer (d) Kidneys

24. The technique that used for cleaning

the blood of a person by separating urea from it ,Is known as

(a) Osmosis

(b) Filtration

(c) Dialysis

(d) Double circulation

Answer (c) Dialysis

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