Corporate Law MCQ on Articles of Association

MCQ on Articles of Association(AOA)

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1. A company can change its articles by passing

(a) Ordinary resolution

(b) Normal resolutions

(c) Special resolution

(d) None

Answer (c) Special resolution

2. Which of the following documents deals with the rules and regulation of the company?

(a) MOA


(c) Prospectus

(d) None of the above

Answer (b) AOA

3. AOA full form is

(a) Article of Association

(b) Article of Aero-plane

(c) Apple and Almond

(d) None

Answer (a) Article of Association

4. Registration of article is not necessary in case of

(a) Public company

(b) Private company

(c) One person company

(d) None

Answer (a) Public company

5. Ultra virus means

(a) With in power

(b) Beyond the power

(c) Both

(d) None

Answer (b) Beyond the power

6. Which of the following is not included in article of association?

(a) Lien of share

(b) Objective of the company

(c) Rules governing reserve and funds

(d) Issues of share

Answer (b) Objective of the company

7. Which of the following documents deals with internal affair of the company

(a) prospectus


(c) AOA

(d) None of the above

Answer (c) AOA

8. Alteration of share capital is governed by the section………………of the company act 2013

(a) 61

(b) 62

(c) 63

(d) 64

Answer (a) 61

9. Issue of redeemable preference share comes under section

(a) Section 52

(b) Section 53

(c)  Section 54

(d) Section 55

Answer (d) section 55

10. Reduction of share capital comes under section

(a) Section 65

(b) Section 66

(c) Section 67

(d) Section 68

Answer (b) section 66

11. The section of alteration of article of association

(a) Section 11

(b) Section 12

(c) Section 13

(d) Section 14

Answer (d) section 14

12. Payment of underwriting commission with regard to issue of share and debenture

(a) Section 40

(b) Section 39

(c) Section 38

(d) Section 37

Answer (a) Section 40

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