Corporate Law MCQ on Kinds of Company

Corporate Law MCQ on Kinds of Company

Corporate Law MCQ on Kinds of Company

Corporate Law MCQ on Kinds of Company
Corporate Law MCQ on Kinds of Company

1. The earliest form of incorporation of company is

(a) Statutory company

(b)Chartered company

(c)Registered company

(d) Dormant company

Ans- (b)Chartered company

2. In company act 2013 , which section defind the type of company

(a) Section 1

(b) Section 2

(c) Section 3

(d) Section 4

Ans- (b)Section 2

3. Example of statutary company

(a) Life insurance corporation

(b) Hindustan gas

(c) Hotel Tajmahal

(d) Ramai talkies pvt. Limited

Ans- (a)Life insurance corporation

4. Section of Private company

(a) Sec 2(68)

(b) Sec 2(86)

(c) Sec 3(68)

(d) Sec 3(86)

Ans- (a)Sec 2(68)

5. Section of public company

(a) Sec 2(54)

(b) Sec 2(44)

(c) Sec 2(71)

(d) Sec 2(17)

Ans- (c)Sec 2(71)

6. Section of government company

(a) Sec 2(45)

(b) Sec 2(54)

(c) Sec 2(44)

(d) Sec 2(55)

Ans- (a)Sec 2(45)

7. Section of Holding & Subsidiary company

(a) Sec 2(43)

(b) Sec 2(44)

(c) Sec 2(45)

(d) Sec 2(46)

Ans- (d)Sec 2(46)

8. Section of Foreign company

(a) Sec 2(41)

(b) Sec 2(42)

(c) Sec 2(43)

(d) Sec 2(44)

Ans- (b)Sec 2(42)

9. Section 45(1) deals with

(a) Insurance company

(b) Investment  company

(c) Finance Companies

(d) None of the above

Ans- (c)Finance Companies

10. Full Form of FERA

(a) Foreign Exchange Regulation Act

(b) First Exchange Rural Accounting

(c) Foreign Exchange Rate Accounting

(d) Foreign Export Regulation Acting

Ans- (a)Foreign Exchange Regulation Act

11. One person company(OPC)  comes under section

(a) 2(61)

(b) 2(62)

(c) 2(63)

(d) 2(64)


12. Section 445 related to

(a) Small company

(b) One person company

(c) Dormant Company

(d) Producer Company

Ans- (c)Dormant Company

13. Minimum Paid up share capital of Small Company is

(a) 50 lakh

(b) 500 lakh

(c) 5 lakh

(d) 05 lakh

Ans-(a)50 lakh

14. Maxmimum Paid up share capital of small company is

(a) 50 crore

(b) 05 crore

(c) 500 crore

(d) 5000 crore

Ans-(b)05 crore

15. Assets shielding concept is otherwise known as

(a) Investment company

(b) Finance company

(c) Holding company

(d) Dormant company

Ans- (d)Dormant Company

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