Physical Chemistry MCQ on Thermodynamics

Physical Chemistry MCQ on Thermodynamics

1. Foe which thermodynamic process the change in enthalpy is zero?

(a) isothermal

(b) isochoric

(c) isobaric

(d) adiabatic

Answer: (d) adiabatic

2. What is the value of gamma for gas if the pressure of the gas is proportional to the T³ for adiabatic process ?

(a) 2

(b) 3/2

(c) 4/3

(d) 5/3

Answer: (b) 3/2

3. The coefficient performance of a refrigerator is 5. Calculate the heat emitted to the surrounding if the temperature inside system is -20⁰c.

(a) 11oC

(b) 41oC

(c) 21oC

(d) 31oC

Answer: (d) 31oC

4. According to Kirchhoff equation Which of the following factor affects the heat of reaction

(a) molecularity

(b) temperature

(c) pressure

(d) volume

Answer: (b) temperature

5. Chemical dissociation is

(a) exothermic

(b) reversible

(c) endothermic

(d) reversible and endothermic

Answer: (d) reversible and endothermic

6. The largest unit of energy is

(a) electron volt

(b) joule

(c) calorie

(d) erg

Answer: (c) calorie

7.  Aunique characteristic feature of perfect black body is

(a) a good absorber only

(b) a good radiator

(c) a good absorber and a good radiator

(d) neither a radiator nor an absorber

Answer: (c) a good absorber and a good radiator

8. The thermodynamic process where heat cannot be exchanged within system and surrounding is

(a) isothermal

(b) adiabatic

(c) isobaric

(d) isotropic

Answer: (b) adiabatic

9. The law that was formulated by Nernst is

(a) First law of thermodynamics

(b) Second law of thermodynamics

(c) Third law of thermodynamics

(d) None of the above

Answer: (c) Third law of thermodynamics

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